South Gloucestershire olympic torch relay

Kim assisted South Gloucestershire Council with their preparations for the Olympic Torch Convoy and in doing so worked with both Council Officers, Local Town Councils and other public and private bodies to galvanise a joined up celebratory event which was enjoyed by thousands of residents of the area.

His infectious enthusiasm was instrumental in gaining support from a diverse group of individuals and bodies; organising events and participation of schools. He worked tirelessly liaising between the steering group and others to ensure a joined up approach. He was also the linchpin between the council, local groups and national organizing bodies, to ensure our response was coordinated and met with the national aspirations.

Without Kim's planning the Council would have struggled to coordinate the day and without doubt, the day would not have been enjoyed by so many. Kim is organised, enthusiastic and personable, all perfect qualities for such an event and working with and inspiring others is well within his capabilities.

IMPS (In-School Multi Sport and Play Sessions)

Steve Pavey, teacher

I personally enjoyed the range of activities and the variation of activities. I would recommend any school to introduce this. I would definitely recommend IMPS – the response from the children and especially the parents was fantastic. We are continuing IMPS for another 4 weeks this term with more parents and children.

Parents Enjoyed?

"Enjoyed having time together, throwing and catching, races and the exercises at the start, balloon catching. Running and throwing - relay. Mum enjoyed having fun with the kids, enjoyed catching and playing games. It was lovely doing different sports as a famil. We most enjoyed learning the different strengthening excercises."

Parents said they would:

"cover the activites at home, we will continue to practise throwing and catching. It was good motor skills for the kids to do, thank you. We have been and will continue to do the strengthening exercises at home along with some of the games. We will take all aspects of what we have learned and when the weather improves we will go to the park."

KS2 Games

UWE Students Said:

"It was a very active course, doing something, then breaking it down. Very enjoyable day - i have a better understanding of differentiation." "This course was good because it really highlighted ways to get all children involved at diferent levels, making sure all children achieve." "I'll now be more confident in teaching a games lesson to children. I understand the basics that children need for many games."

Primary Gym

"At last a course that is clear and simple for a non-gymnastics specialist to understand. I now feel i know what i should be teaching!"(Year 4 teacher)"Very approachable tutor who made it fun whilst giving clear guidance."(Teaching assistant) "I feel really motivated to give the ideas a go with my class tomorrow, great course thank you."(Year 6 teacher).

Primary Gym Apparatus

"A very good course with lovely use of practical learning"(Year 1 teacher).

I feel far more confident in making my own professional judgements with regards to health and safety issues and also with regards to my own teaching of gymnastics" (Year 3 NQT Teacher) "Great course, lots of fun with clear ideas and systems for children to folow when setting up and tidying away apparatus, can you do a similar one for swimming?"(Year 6 teacher).


Higher teaching assistants and teaching assisitants said:

" A well led course - good use of time & knowledgeable leaders"

" I liked the assessment opportunities -self, peer and teacher, clear progressions"

" I learnt to be able to assess the children effectively, understanding the different areas of learning."

"I liked the levels of progression, unlocking the next stage for differentiation in lessons, keeping all children engaged and working at their own level. I learnt how to assess the children, using colour coded levels. a range of activities to use and adapt. Really enjoyed the activities and have a bank of knowledge and resources to sue with my class".

"Super fun!"

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