Case Studies

Case Studies

Nicola Bailey: Head teacher: Charborough Rd Primary School - After Playground Leaders Training

"One of our pupils is a vulnerable child, who has very low self-esteem and an extremely challenging family background & history. Since completing the playground leader training we have seen a transformation in this child! For the first time, the child is smiling, standing tall and taking her new role seriously and with confidence. The child is thriving on organising and supporting the younger children in the playground, but most remarkable has been her ability to link with a younger child with significant SEN and BESD. The younger child sees her as a role model, and has developed a positive attachment with her, in turn transforming his own behaviour in the playground, which had been challenging to say the least. Whilst there is no doubt that the playground leader training has had a great impact on the school generally, I could not have anticipated the enormity of the wider effects across the school in transforming relationships and behaviour."

Implementing First FUNS St Michael's Pre School - PDF Download

IMPS (In-School Multi Sport and Play Sessions)

Evaluation By Charborough Rd School - Steve Pavey, teacher

Please add any comments: what was good, what did you enjoy, anything to improve?

"I would definitely recommend IMPS – the response from parents was fantastic. I personally enjoy the range of activities and the variation of activities. I would recommend any school to introduce this."

Is there anything you will now do as a result of this programme?

"I would definitely recommend IMPS – the response from the children and especially the parents was fantastic. To which we are continuing IMPS for another 4 weeks this term with more parents and children."

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